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            Electronica, The door to Europe

            Release time:2016-10-07  Hits:7210

            Electronica is the biggest and most famous fair for electronics components and material all over the world, we can learn the demand and development of German and worldwide industry directly. The fair is held every two years, all famous electronics companies will be in Munich, sharing the achievements in the past two years and expecting the future.

            After several years preparation, Golten is ready to enter the European market. We will be there with our great products, quality, service, lead time and cooperation sincerity, starting our journey in Europe. We are confident that Golten will attract many customers in Electronica, being a shinning star in terminal blocks field.


            Exhibition Information

            Name: Electronica 2016

            Time: 2016.11.8-11.11

            Place: Munich Exhibiton Center


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